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WHY INDUS B2B Solutions


INDUS B2B Solutions offers challenging careers in Warehousing, Distribution, International Logistics Solutions, Finance and Accounts, Business Excellence, HR, and IT for fresher’s and experienced professionals. With work being such a key aspect of your life, you have every right to expect it should provide an enriching personal experience, so you are able to take on new challenges, take charge of your own career and contribute to the development of our business What we expect in return is a 'can-do mentality' and the 'drive to deliver results' that are right for our customers, stakeholders and each other. We believe in providing fair rewards and an environment in which you can remain absolutely true to who you are. Passionate, engaged and committed. We work very hard to attract and retain talented, unpretentious people with a 'hands-on' mentality and create an environment in which they can perform to the best of their abilities. People joining INDUS will be connected to a wealth of training, development and career opportunities.

TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT                         

INDUS believes in developing and investing in its people. The growth and development of every employee is of concern to the company and INDUS provides a conducive atmosphere for every employee to learn and grow. The Training and Development Vertical in INDUS has evolved from humble beginnings. We are indeed a young organization and one that is growing rapidly. The company’s vision and mission is the center of all our initiatives as they are our key drivers. Keeping the extent and scope of growth in mind, we have focused on deployment of Customer Centered Training Programs aligned to our Vision.

Over the years, we have invested in some excellent trainings. Our objective is to get all employees on the same page so that we speak one language across all Zones. The Company conducts various programmes to train their staff in the latest and the best technology and management practices. The Senior Leadership Team plays a crucial role in departing Cross Functional Trainings across the organization.

To help new employees to quickly acquaint themselves with the INDUS culture, we host a comprehensive Induction Program along with facility visits. The presentations are designed to give you a cross-functional overview of various verticals in INDUS. It is also a platform where Senior Leadership Team gets to interact with the new joinees at a personal and professional level. A warehouse visit is scheduled for all new joinees to get a hands-on experience at the operational level.

As part of our dedication to help our people be the best, we continuously assess the competence levels of our employees and identify their training needs. We invest in your education and give you opportunities to work with the very best in the Industry.

FUN AT WORK                         

At INDUS, we work and play as a community, resulting in a tight-knit group of fun and energized people. We believe in keeping our employees just as engaged as they are challenged, which is why we have a dedicated team that organizes exciting events, tournaments and recreational activities. Celebrations are a regular part of working at INDUS.

Some of our past activities have included:

Friday Meets: Fun, Food and Games
Birthday Celebrations
Independence Day celebrations
Festival Celebrations

Outdoor adventures like Rappelling, White Water Rafting, Para Gliding, River Crossing and Valley Crossing

CORPORATE CULTURE                         

INDUS also promotes the 'Reach Ur CEO' program which ensures that employees can speak their concerns or even suggest an idea to the CEO without intervention of any individual or department. We encourage our employees to suggest innovative ideas to improve business. The inspiring ideas are uploaded on the intranet under the section 'Promising Practices'.

Integrity is an essential component of life at INDUS. It is how we conduct ourselves and how we do business. It is non-negotiable. While some businesses prize results over ethics, we value both. We genuinely want to hear our employees' feedback on company matters, which is why we conduct regular regional meetings, and organization-wide surveys.

We also believe in collaboration and knowledge sharing. To find the right solutions for our clients, we draw on our entire network of services and expertise of world-class supply chain management professionals. At INDUS, we are more than just the sum of our parts; we are a community.

We promote an environment of learning, collaboration, innovation, personal empowerment and wealth sharing to help our employees be the very best they can be. Our energy, entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to human values have played a significant role in our success. We instill these qualities into every new member of our community, & we encourage active participation in making work fun.

Promising Practices:

Open House - Initiatives that help build communication channels and platform for employees to share their thoughts, provide feedback and give suggestions on various issues with an objective to make our Company a great place to work, has always been our efforts. One such initiative is the Open House session. Started in 2011, Open House session is a two way communication platform build on the principle of engaging with employees in a open and transparent manner. This initiative is widely appreciated by all employees.

Open House sessions have been designed to have a two way communication on the following aspects:

A) Overall Company performance
B) Process followed for Performance Appraisal
C) Recent developments within the Company
D) Challenges being faced by the team

Issues which require collective approach are taken up in open forum and any individual issue /clarification on any subject is taken up separately in one to one session. To enable this, post the Open House session, employees are given an opportunity to meet our CEO and Head HR to seek clarification on any issues at a personal level.

EMPLOYEE FRIENDLY POLICIES                         

We take special care to ensure that our employees are satisfied with their roles and responsibility. After all only happy employees can lead to happy customers.

The policies at INDUS are aimed at providing work life balance to our employees.

Birthday leaves, maternity/paternity leaves, are granted to employees so that personal life concerns are unhindered.

If due to work exigencies employees are required to make it to office on a holiday, then we ensure that they are offered a compensatory leave in the coming week.

We also have a policy of interest free loans for the confirmed employees.

We provide Mediclaim policy as well as personal accident policy.

Annual health check ups are made available for employees above 35 years of age or at AM level and above.

INDUS provides comprehensive health insurance coverage for all employees. You may even be able to include your spouse/partner and dependants under your coverage for greater peace of mind.

In addition to base pay, 'Performance linked bonuses' are also awarded annually

Employee Referral Policy

We also offer deferred benefits such as a provident fund, and gratuity.

INDUS gives you the flexibility to manage your work hours (Flexi-Time), so you can meet the needs of your personal life

WAY FORWARD                         

INDUS started with few employees couple of years ago. Now we have grown to associates strength of over 2000. In the coming years the business operations would expand and the employee strength would increase. We attribute our success to our highly charged employees and business associates. That is why we look forward to talented individuals, who are passionate about their jobs. Creative inspiring and innovative individuals are sought after at INDUS B2B Solutions (Your Trusted Global Logistics Partner).

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